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Innovation To Scale

Mobile First is a podcast inspired by a movement. A paradigm shift. A new way of life. Mobile-first is a strategy for connecting with users in the moments that matter, delivering experiences that are effortless, immediate, and contextually relevant. Mobile-first isn’t a buzzword. It’s not a trend. It’s not a web-versus-app mentality. Mobile-first is about the role mobile plays in the way people live their lives. It means brands have unprecedented opportunities — to engage customers, and modernize the way they do business, from that first mobile-moment to simultaneous experiences across devices. The Mobile First podcast helps listeners understand this rapidly changing creative, business, and technical landscape from those who are leading the era. Join us every week for insights into what mobile means today and where it’s going tomorrow.

Your Weekly Dose of Innovation Conversation

Mobile First is a podcast that takes its inspiration, and name, from innovation itself. Each week, we put the spotlight on mobile —

  • What it means
  • Where it’s going
  • How it’s shaping innovation and strategy for businesses today
You’ll hear
  • Conversations with key players in this rapidly shifting category
  • Unique perspectives on the changing mobile landscape
  • Personal stories about failures, successes, and lessons learned along the way
  • Wisdom gleaned across industries worldwide
Broadcast from the Silicon Forest of Portland, Oregon, and brought to you by Emerge Interactive, Mobile First delivers your weekly dose of innovation conversation. Join us!

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Every week, host Jordan Bryant, Director of Mobile Strategy at Emerge Interactive, interviews key players who are leveraging mobile, digging into the strategies, user insights, and technologies driving the latest in business innovation.

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